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Are you living your life on purpose?  

Or have you been going with the flow?  Now more than ever we should be leading a life of passion and purpose. Banish uncertainty and find your purpose and in 7 days or less with “Awakening – Be Truly Alive” online program

If you are stuck and unsure of your next steps, or you’ve simply lost the zest for life,

"Awakening – Be Truly Alive"

online program is for you.

Claudia’s innovative guided program will give you the clarity to make better, more powerful, and aligned choices.


After all, it is our decisions and choices that define the quality of our lives. So whether you're feeling stressed or near burnout, or simply want to reignite your passion for life, this is the chance you have been looking for.

What can you expect from "Awakening – Be Truly Alive"

Get Clarity.
Change your thinking.
Make Better decisions. 

“Awakening – Be Truly Alive”

Claudia Rodino

Program is delivered to you online, anytime, anywhere, and can be repeated as many times as you wish. While the course is hosted online, you are never left ‘alone’, with ongoing support provided via the Be Truly Alive Facebook Support Group and from Claudia directly.

Be Truly Alive by Claudia Rodino is the 7-day program that will guide you to your best, authentic and most energised life.

‘We all have our own calling, Let me help you find yours.’


Claudia Rodino, 2021

Bonus Value Material Exclusive when Joining “Awakening – Be Truly Alive”

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