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My Story


Hi, I'm Claudia Rodino, thank you for visiting my page. I'd like to tell you a little about me and what I can do for you through my Kinesiology sessions and my training programs.

My career in the health & wellness industry began over 29 years ago with a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy. After some years of practicing physiotherapy, I understood that assisting with personal growth required a more holistic approach, so I became a Kinesiologist and Counsellor.

With an extensive background in mindfulness, my holistic approach in my one-on-one Kinesiology Counselling sessions allows me to tap into physical, psychological, personal and spiritual development.

I specialise in assisting people with personal change and I am very passionate about this powerful method of evoking an impact in anyone’s life when they are ready and willing to make it happen. I have helped many people reach their full potential by assisting them in reprogramming their physical and mental abilities to find their own power to reach their goals; whatever they might be.

Oh, and if you're wondering where my name comes from, I was born in Argentina but fell in love with Australia 20 years ago, and have called it home ever since. 

Claudia Rodino
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