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Kinesiology Counselling

1 hr Face to Face and Online | $190 inc gst.
1 hr 30 min Face to Face and Online | $250 inc gst.

Every one-on-one consultation is personalised to meet your unique needs. My professional approach involves using effective counselling, kinesiology, muscle testing, brain reprogramming, and hypnotherapy techniques to guide you towards your desired outcomes and goals in your life. During your Kinesiology session, I begin by discussing your goals and what you wish to change or achieve. Using muscle bio-feedback through muscle testing, I can unlock answers to your questions, providing insights into your subconscious workings that can either support or block your efforts and desires. The transformative aspect of my services lies in reprogramming these attitudes, empowering you to manifest your goals and take charge of your life. I apply my expertise in Kinesiology, coaching, and healing to make a positive impact from your very first session. With my gentle, intuitive touch I can initiate a noticeable shift, and my clients often experience immediate and profound changes in their lives. My approach has helped numerous individuals overcome challenges, gain clarity, set healthy boundaries, and become stronger, more authentic versions of themselves. Whether you're feeling lost, stuck, or in need of transformation, I am here to help you in your path and provide unwavering support. I also offer online sessions for your convenience, ensuring that our guidance and healing are accessible to you, wherever you are on your journey to personal growth and well-being.

Couples Counselling

1 hr 30 min Face to Face and Online | $295 inc gst.

In our couples' consultations, we prioritise understanding each partner's perspective regarding the issues that have created challenges to your relationship. Navigating the complexities of a relationship can be challenging, and sometimes, couples find themselves at a crossroads. To make things harder, modern life very often leaves couples feeling overwhelmed and burdened as they try to maintain a healthy connection in the middle of their busy schedules. It's common to lose sight of who you are as individuals and the reasons that brought you together in the first place. Our therapy approach is designed to help you break down communication barriers, dissolve emotional attachments, eliminate misunderstandings, and ease tensions within your relationship. We focus on recreating a true connection, improving understanding, nurturing care and respect, rekindling affection, and revitalising physical intimacy. Our aim is to facilitate positive changes that empower you with improved problem-solving skills. Do you and your partner wish to cease constant conflicts and arguments? Are you concerned that your relationship is on the edge of divorce? Do issues of control affect your relationship? Have recent life changes, such as the birth of a child, relocation, job loss, or illness, strained your relationship? Are you frustrated by the lack of passion between you and your partner? Does constant criticism damage your relationship? Are you and your partner working towards healing from an affair? Are you worried that you're investing time in a relationship with no foreseeable future? We also offer online sessions to ensure accessibility and convenience, regardless of your location. Let us help you rediscover the harmony and fulfillment within your relationship, guiding you towards a brighter and more connected future together.



1 hr 30 min | $250 inc gst.

Transform Your Life with Coaching: Are you ready to change your life? Whether you're aiming to improve your fitness, health, relationships, family life, find happiness, or grow in your career or business, coaching is the key to unlocking your full potential. You have the power to turn your desires into reality. All you need are the right steps and someone to hold you accountable. Imagine fully believing in yourself without a doubt. Picture having an expert coach by your side, guiding you through each step as you take charge of your life. Imagine transitioning from merely existing to waking up with purpose, passion, and progress each day. Picture breaking free from limitations and fully embracing your life. From feeling stuck in your circumstances to actively creating the life you desire, this is the journey we embark on together. Today could be the pivotal moment in your life. Have you noticed your life remaining stagnant over the years? Or have you experienced significant transformations? Those moments of change—the ones where you lost weight, got your dream job, or found love, are surely impressed in your memory. Now, imagine a year that's ten or fifty times better than those moments. That's the promise of our Coaching Program, a year of growth, achievements, and fulfillment. Many of us know what we should do but struggle to take action. We doubt our capabilities and fear failure. Your coach will help you set goals, overcome obstacles, and smash fear. Step out of your comfort zone, where real growth happens, and start living an extraordinary life today. Working with a personal coach is about maximising your potential. Whether it's personal or professional, a coach helps you identify goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. With customised strategies and support, you'll achieve the results you desire. Even the most accomplished individuals seek personal coaching to elevate their lives. Whether you've hit a ceiling or need guidance, your personal coach can take you to the next level. Through coaching, you'll focus on what truly matters, overcome obstacles, and enjoy your full energy and freedom. Success isn't a solo journey; it's about leveraging the expertise of a coach who shares your goals. Define your vision, set ambitious goals, and create an action plan with your personal coach. Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute coaching consultation session today, and embark on the path to truly change your life for the better.

Facial Emotional Therapy

1 hr | $175 inc gst.

Discover Peace and Rejuvenation with Facial Emotional Therapy Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) is a gentle, non-invasive treatment meticulously designed to harmonise with your nervous system, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in tranquility and rejuvenation through the power of sensitive touch and soothing strokes applied to the meridian system. This therapeutic technique primarily focuses on the face, head, and neck, targeting essential energy points connected to various bodily systems. By clearing stress levels and emotional blockages, FET opens the door to profound relaxation and mental clarity. The experience transcends the facial region, encompassing your entire body in a state of deep and blissful repose, leaving you revitalised and radiantly refreshed, appearing more youthful. Facial Emotional Therapy draws inspiration from an array of disciplines, including physiotherapy, kinesiology, facial harmony, brain gym, reiki, remedial massage, and reflexology. These elements are thoughtfully integrated into a unique approach cultivated over years of professional expertise. Clients who have experienced this treatment have described it as beautiful, magical, and transformative, with an immediate and positive shift in their energy. Claudia, the practitioner behind this remarkable therapy, shares her beautiful gift of FET with the world, aiming to bring blessings and uplifting healing to those who seek it.

Facial Emotional Therapy treatment

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