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The Perspectives of Fear: Embracing the Unknown and Finding Freedom

When I first stepped off the plane onto Australian soil, everything seemed incredibly vast and unfamiliar. I had been told that Australia was a big land, with beautiful sunsets, endless skies, vast open spaces, and, of course, unique wildlife. Prior to my move, I had already developed a certain fear of Australia's wild animals. Despite my efforts to convince myself that these creatures couldn't be too dangerous or intimidating, my inner chatter told a different story.

I vividly recall my initial encounter with an Australian "animal." One morning, as I opened my window, a gecko leaped from the curtain—a rather sizable gecko, I might add. My heart raced, and fear coursed through my veins. My logical mind reassured me, "It's just a small lizard, Claudia, don't worry." However, my fearful side shouted even louder, "Claudia, it's a baby crocodile! If the baby's here, then the parent must be nearby!"

With my limited English, I dialled 000, Australia's emergency number. Another fear crept in: What if the emergency operators couldn't understand my English? Panic washed over me once again. Fortunately, a friend knocked on my door, and I used gestures to convey my panic state. She laughed, and then I gained a new perspective on my fears. Yet, by that point, the gecko had disappeared, leaving a new fear in its wake: where was HE now? In that moment, I realised that my fears would persist unless I stopped them somehow.

On that day, I had a revelation—I was the creator of my fears. This perspective was entirely new to me, and I understood that I could live without them.

I started what I like to call "a dialogue with my inner fears" and created a mental system for confronting and embracing my fears when they arose in order to find freedom. I knew that I could learn from these experiences and grow stronger as a result.

Over the years, I became deeply passionate about helping others with this "discovery system" I had developed. Then, a stroke of serendipity occurred—a flyer about Kinesiology fell into my hands. To my amazement, I learned that my "discovery system" already existed and was a proven method used by millions of people worldwide. I was instantly captivated and eager to learn more.

With the techniques and tools I acquired throughout my career, I found a way to help others reprogram their minds. We all know that a significant part of healing in our bodies stems from positive thinking and that positive intentions can have a tangible physical effect. No matter what we fear, feel, or which part of our body experiences pain, sending an intention communicates to the body to correct and improve in the necessary area.

In Kinesiology, we employ muscle monitoring to pinpoint and unblock these mental pathways and limitations, enabling us to reprogram the mind. A new pathway can always be created, as it resides within each of us. I've witnessed this transformation at every step of my journey.

Would you like to explore the power of Kinesiology and discover how it can help you overcome your fears and limitations? Please feel free to contact me at 0415 844 439. I'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have and guide you on your path to healing and self-discovery.

Embracing fears and find freedom
Crocodile and baby crocodile

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